4 tips for passing POST-UME 2018

It is pertinent to write this post this time to reveal 4 tips for passing POST-UME 2018.

This is because a good number of students are taken aback after scoring high in JAMB and then not being able to show the same level of excellence.

Admission is not yet certain with your JAMB result.

You still need to show high level of excellence here. Please this is your last fight for your admission, so take with both hands.

I am going to reveal 4 tips that will make you score very high in POST-UME.

  1. Aim for the gold : if you’re going in for a university entrance exam, you need to understand that it will be very competitive picking the best.

You are not competing with your classmates but with candidates all over the country. this attracts the very best especially if you are going for the sough after courses like medicine and surgery, Engineering, law etc.

To guarantee your admission, aim for the gold, i mean aim for the highest score possible. Be the first in the list. Once you build that mindset it will go a long way in determining how far you can go in your studies.

There is no dream that is impossible to achieve.

Don’t be intimidated by the horrendous work you have to do. Do it and do it for your destiny.


2. Be Determined : Getting admitted into the university needs hard work,  discipline,

dedication and determination.  

In pursuing your admission especially if you are well convinced of a particular sought after course, then you need to have your heart made up.

Determination will enable you to read for hours, wake up in the night to do revision, attend tutorials etc.

No champion emerges without determination. they always burn the bridges. You don’t need to be discouraged because you need to cover your text books again and again.

it is a prerequisite you must have.

3. Practise with past papers: Don’t take the POST UME for the first time.

it sound strange right?

What i mean is that you shouldn’t write the exam without practising with past papers. Go to your school and buy correct past questions.

As you study, use the past papers for revision. There are certain things the past papers will also teach you apart from gleaning the structures of the questions, it boost one’s confidence.

4. Remember to pray: There is no formula of success without God. Please as you do your best studying, attending lectures etc.

Also remember to pray and ask God for success.

Wishing you the best in your endeavors.


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